Friday, November 11, 2011

Are you preparing your staff for the job that is coming at them?

Here is a interesting and thought-provoking exchange between Jon Stewart and Mario Batali about bosses who yell at, and demean, their staff. Stewart has asked Batali about the infamous Gordon Ramsey, whose insulting tirades are the staple of a certain reality show I'd rather not name:

Stewart:    [When] you’re at your restaurants, are you Gordon Ramsey? Are you yelling at these people in the kitchen?

Batali:    I am decidedly not Gordon Ramsey. Although, I respect him for finding his voice in whatever world it had to be.

Stewart:  Why can’t he use his inside voice?  Why must he always use his outside, angry voice?

Batali:     You have no idea how complicated that inside voice may be...that’s yelling at him from inside. Generally, cooks that yell at other cooks, or chefs that yell at other cooks, are expressing their own self-loathing for not having prepared their staff to do the job they knew was coming at them.

Stewart:   Hey Gordon Ramsey, maybe it’s time you took a look in a pot of sauce named you.

With this in mind, reflect back upon the times you have been angry and disappointed with your staff and colleagues and ask yourself, "Did I do everything in my power to prepare them for the job I knew was coming at them?" In other words, did you do your best to help them succeed?

'nuff said.

And here's the full interview. The segment cited above begins at the 3 minute, 30 second mark:

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