Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivation Begins Before You Hire

At the recent ASAE Idea Swap, there was a session on building and motivating teams. I would like to propose that motivation begins before you hire; it begins with how you describe and advertise the job opening. 

A "Food for Thought" Exercise

Peruse a variety of job openings listed on ASAE (or other sources). Then evaluate the ads based on two criteria:
  1. How powerfully does the ad appeal to an individual’s intrinsic motivations?
  2. How powerfully does the ad appeal to the type of individual who thrives on teamwork?
Now look at the chart below. How many ads deserve to be listed in the upper right hand quadrant? What about the job ads your organization posts?

The Choice is Yours

Ask yourself which scenario leads to more productive and effective teams: 
Scenario One: You hire individuals who “can do the job.” Once they are on staff, you hope you can motivate them to work in a team.
Scenario Two: You hire individuals who are gung-ho to do their job and thrive on teamwork.
 The choice is yours!

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