Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is This What Happens When I Complete a Survey?

I feel like my survey responses end up in the trash can!

Yesterday, I completed an online survey for one of the supermarkets I frequent. I am asked to do this about three times a year. This is in addition to surveys I have completed for the branch of my bank, my brokerage service as well as various local restaurants.

Why the trash can?

That's my best guess as to what happens to my survey responses. It seems a logical conclusion. Take the supermarket survey, for example. I have completed it multiple times, expressing satisfaction in many areas and dissatisfaction in other areas. However, I have absolutely no evidence that anyone is listening to or acting on the feedback. 

Where's the evidence?

Here is an example of the type of evidence I am looking for: One day I walk into my supermarket and there, in the frozen food aisle, is an expanded selection of oriental foods. There's also a sign that says, "Our customers told us that you wanted more of these kinds of foods." That would be proof someone is paying attention.

You could also send me an email follow-up that says, "Our latest survey shows we need to have more cashiers on duty during the weekend. The next time you visit our store, you will see we have added three extra cashiers for the weekend shift."

Yeah, it would be nice to see that kind of evidence. You know what? I don't think I have ever seen it. Not for the supermarket surveys. Not for the bank surveys. Not for any other customer service survey I have completed.

The Bottom Line: If you are going to survey your members or customers, make sure you do something with the information. Make it significant, tangible and worthwhile. And make sure you get back to the folks who completed the survey and tell them what you did. Let them know it was worth their time to complete the survey.

'nuff said

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