Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Silo Busting Technique: The "No Cheating" Rule!

In an earlier post, I invoked the specter of Tony Soprano while discussing the bane of every Membership Director's existence: How to engage the entire staff in the cause of membership? At issue is how break down the silo mentality that inhibits different departments from collaborating to create member value.

In fact, this silo mentality is hardly unique to the association world, it plagues companies and organizations from profits and nonprofits, large and small...well, you get the picture.That's why organizations with a true commitment to collaboration will have some version of the "No Cheating" Rule:

Cheating is defined as:
The refusal to help your co-worker
by withholding assistance or information.

A few years ago I facilitated a staff retreat where the topic of silo busting was front and center. As a result, they invoked the following, creating-value-for-the-member version of the "No Cheating Rule."

Cheating is the failure to share information
and collaborate with fellow staff
to create value for the member.
Cheating is also the failure to
initiate value-creating activities
when, in your judgement,
they are not occurring.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get back to work and quit your cheating ways!

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