Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Don't Volunteers Do Their Job? Use the ACORN Test to Diagnose Why.

In my previous post, I listed four reasons volunteers may not be doing the job we ask of them. Today I would like to borrow another technique from the field of Performance Management, the ACORN test. It was designed to help managers develop a clear statement a job's mission. I have modified it so it can be applied to associations and nonprofits. If you find volunteers are not doing their jobs, the ACORN test may help you diagnose why. 


There is a definable result (i.e., as opposed to volunteers simply attending a certain number of meetings). 


Volunteers have sufficient ability/resources to achieve the desired outcome.

Overall Objective

The accomplishment represents the primary reason a member volunteered.


The volunteer’s duties must have minimal conflict with other responsibilities (e.g., job, family, etc.).


There is a way to measure/determine success.

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