Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools' Day Edition - Seven Worst Articles of All Time

We celebrate April Fools with an imaginary list of the seven worst association management articles of all time.

Ignoring Members for Fun and Profit!  This controversial new approach to membership retention is all the rage.  Is it too good to be true?

Chaos Theory versus Roberts Rules of Order: Determining which works best for your board requires both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Post Traumatic Consultant Disorder
:  Formerly the scourge of Fortune 500 companies, PTCD now threatens the nonprofit sector and associations. Is Consultants Anonymous the answer?

Pre-completed Surveys:  Using psychics to complete surveys, before they’re mailed, saves time and avoids the hassle of asking members what they think. Are they statistically reliable?
An A“maze”ingly Bad Idea:
In a bold attempt at innovation, the National Association of String Manufacturers designed their exhibit floor using the original maze design from the Greek myth. Unfortunately, a joint venture with the International Association of Minotaur Breeders led to tragedy. A cautionary tale about the dangers of innovation taken to its extremes.

From the Department of Utterly Useless Research: A new survey of associations proves, conclusively, that annual meetings are occurring at the alarming rate of once a year!

Travel Insert: One Host to Rule Them All!  The grand opening of Mordor’s new conference facility and Mt. Doom Theme Park has everyone talking!


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