Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Demotivates a Chapter?

What Demotivates a Chapter?

Help me compile a list of "Chapter Demotivators" that will be published in a future issue of ASAE's Component Relations e-newsletter.

I am sure we have all had experiences of trying to do right by our chapters or components and ending up, unintentionally, doing something that made them unhappy. Because of these experiences, we build our personal checklists of things that will annoy or demotivate the chapters.

The goal of the article is to share those experiences. The result, hopefully, will be a handy checklist of things to avoid when dealing with chapters.

Please contribute by sharing your ideas. Any and all examples, big or small, involving any aspect of chapter relations are welcomed. You may contribute to the ASAE Linkedin group discussion, leave a comment on the blog or respond to me at

Thank you. I look forward to an exciting discussion.

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